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The Canadian Information Station opened partially today, after I finished completing the room layout. The official grand opening is tomorrow! When everything for CIS should be completed.That includes the application form for people who wish to be volunteers at CIS, you will soon find this in the community user info. The Staff list so far is:


and myself, RichardSimmons

We have no volunteers so far. Only staff members may interview applicants but please refer them to the application form first! Which will be in the user info as I have said but can be found here.
I may move this to geocities, because I really hate the look of the ads on there. But it will do for now.

Thank you to Ryu- for this wonderful banner he created, and to Looper. Both have been of great help to me and I couldn't have done this without them. Thanks a lot guys!! The banner will be posted in the user info as well.